We're Keyed In

On to the next!  (JayZ )

Honestly, it never stops that's what creative ability is about. You keep the ball rolling (that's what I say not what Marc would say) but at the same time its time for something that is Stoak'd.  So Marc's new plan is to take a load and I mean a butt load of keyboards and make a new art piece.  By now you should have seen the bottle top or cap however you say it  'Jimmy Hendrix' and if you haven't you must have had your eyes closed for most of Kaboo Cayman.  But now you can also see it at the Cayman National roundabout next to Premium Tap Room.  But now it has moved again does anybody know where it has gone ????????? Not that we lost it !!!

So we are onto the next or should I say Marc is, the next project is to collect as many old, new or ancient keyboards that he can get his hands on and then start the new idea.  He has come up with a few ideas so far to consider


                                Dal Keyboard Keys Stoakd

So we have a Favourite so far and when I say that that would be mine(lol) but there are a few more choices we have Clooney
             Clooney Keyboard key Art Stoakd
You need to be a bit further away to see, well you know who but still, you get the picture.
We did a little poll the other week or weeks not sure anymore but it was pretty cool to see the collective give their opinion on the subject. I do believe the winner, in the end, was James Dean but I'll leave that to the all-powerful artist.   
But let's get back to the point if you have keyboards that you are looking to get rid of then let us know and contact us.  Just visit us at www.stoakdcayman.com or contact Marc on (WhatsApp)  (345) 527 23 71 (Mon-Fri 9-5) don't have that then drop us an email stoakd1@gmail.com

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