Stoak'd Re-cycled Part II


So it's been nearly a year since our last recycled piece hit the Cayman National gallery, the event was for the Big Art Auction where they put on a Sotheby's style Auction event to raise funds for the Gallery. The event is held for a selection of Artists on the island were 50% of the Artwork sold is given to the Cayman National Gallery to help them continue to grow the permanent collection as well as conservation and interpretation work (our school's programme).  So as you have gathered we are back again for the 5th Annual Big Art Auction event.
 Big Art Auction Cayman National Gallery
So I must admit as I'm writing this the member's event has already passed but don't worry you didn't miss anything the artwork is up in the main gallery for the local public to see and enjoy free of charge, there is a donation box as you walk in that in all honesty whatever you give would be appreciated.

So what did we create?

Save Cayman Waters.  Stoakd artwork

One of the biggest things to really hit the Cayman Islands this year, in my opinion, is the awareness of plastic.  Yes, yes I understand it has been a topic of discussion for many years, I just think its a bit more in your face finally.  So that, in turn, has put the mind of Marc Laurenson into action and come up with some ideas.  With a few beach cleanups and a new recycle station at the art studio for different colored plastics, we were on our way.

Stoak'd recycled area

On this particular piece, Marc worked with a couple of other artists on the Cayman Islands, Mr Kerwin G Ebanks or you might know him as the "Canvas Man" and a Miss Marcia Codner who helped with this project. 

The 'Save Cayman Waters' piece will be up for auction on the 1st of November at the Cayman National Art Gallery.

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