Stoak'd Is Bambooed August 23, 2017 17:30

We Love The Bamboo!!!

So Stoak'd had been looking for some new items to add to their stock and after some searching, we came to one conclusion they had to be BAMBOO!!.  Well, they could have been anything really as long as they looked awesome, but lucky for us we managed to find some very cool Bamboo Watches to add to the stock to go with our Bamboo Sunglasses here in Cayman.  

The Watches come in all different sizes, colors and we have men's and ladies available.  But Don't get us wrong though, some of the men's sizes can easily be pulled off by the ladies. The Watches are hand crafted and made from sustainably harvested bamboo,  which makes them super light to wear and not bulky, though we do have those too!  


The above pictures are from the first set that we brought in, to our surprise flew out the door as fast as we got them, which for us was awesome to find out which meant getting more in.  The turn around is usually about 7-10 business days if the watch is not in stock at the time, which was great to get for us as we had a lot of people obviously wanting to get a Bamboo watch but like I said, the first day we put them up they were out the door. So with that in mind, if the watch you want is out of stock then just let us know as we can add it to the next order coming in.

Kevin, one of the artists at Stoak'd loved them so much he just had to have the first pick on them, which worked out pretty well as we got to see how well they would hold up to the day to day life of Kev working on boats. 

'The watch itself is awesome it's durable and pretty solid, I have banged it around a bit in the last month and its still going strong.  I would say that its life proof when it comes to the water resistant side of things and what I mean by that is I wouldn't go swimming with it on or take a bath with it, but it can definitely deal with the rain and so on.'


Some of the watches above are still available to buy, they are available at $50Ci each and come with free delivery to where ever you maybe in the Cayman Islands.  But as we said please contact us if you would like to pre order one so not to be disappointed.

Don't forget to check out the Bamboo Sunglasses that we have in stock. just visit us at our online store or contact us below 


You can find the watches on our Facebook page by clicking here.  Also, you can check them out on the online shop