Stoak'd Gets Hatted

The Stoak'd team is always trying to find ways to keep a head of the curve, and increase their inventory to the store.  After the introduction into the sunglass market, it was time to add to the style of Stoak'd.  What better way to accompany those sunglasses then a way to keep your head in the shade.  Marc Laurenson the owner of Stoak'd, is a big fan of hats and it only seemed fitting that he should have his own.  

The hats are classic snapback baller hat with STOAKD  on the front of the hat, though simple the design was designed by the Stoak'd team. In the future the more designs of different hats will be on offer including different beak and back styles.  The hats arrived on Island a couple of weeks ago and have been selling away as they do, the introductory price is $25 CI to start the new line.   go ahead and contact us if you would like one delivered to you, or go to our website at




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