SPOTLIGHT: Pamela Kelly Laurenson

The Lady is In!

So you know the story of this lady its been in the news, the husband talks about her even I've talked about her.  It's not hard not to know and if you don't know, you been hiding under a rock the last three years and that's just the art stuff.  So now, well she has gone all in people the lady is now doing the ART full time.  I would show you a picture of Marc having a heart attack but, to be honest, you know him, he just said 'get it done girl'.  So is she?

Pamela Kelly Laurenson

Naa she must be just chilling out with Mila, hahaha. Mic drop!!

The lady is doing live painting at the Marriott, putting her touches on the skatepark and will be one of the main artists representing Stoak'd at the upcoming music festival in Cayman. (Kaboo Cayman).  One of the major events, that is coming up will be Cayman Pickers that is held every year to help the Cayman Breast Cancer Foundation. Were all proceeds go to this foundation.

Bare Back Pamela Laurenson Stoak'd   Chemobrain Pamela Laurenson Stoak'd   Du Sol Pamela Laurenson Stoak'd

Just so you know the one on the left is my favorite, so I would say that she is doing exactly what she wanted to do and doing some fine work on top of that. So ladies & Gentlemen we give you Pamela Kelly Laurenson.

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