Poinciana Awards 2016

The Poinciana event has nearly comes to its close with only the People choice awards to go, this Thursday coming. The event Last week was a celebration for the Stoak'd Team but more so for the founder of Stoak'd, Mr Marc Laurenson & Mrs Pam Laurenson.  The event was held at the Harlequin center with artworks on show and a few performances to start the evening, as the event went on the call for the awards was on the cards to start early.  

The Event is a celebration of Cayman's best on what they have to offer, Art, Music, Television, Film and Writing. Some of the best were at the event, obviously Stoak'd but at the same time there were friends and contenders for Stoakd's particualr category .  Much too say but to keep this rather short, we came away with the Mixed Media category.  

The piece was a 6ft by 3to 4ft portrait of Marc's wife made from coke can's,  the time and energy put into this by Marc and Mr Sheldon Campbell to finish the piece for a showing at the National Gallery last year was to say a struggle but, hard work pays off in the end.  

So with that in mind thank you for those that have supported us all of last year and that the beginning of this year has kicked open a lot of doors for us to explore. 

To 2016 


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