Returning to Full of Beans in October and Cayman Pickers Auction for Breast Cancer

After our recent exhibition at the National Gallery, we will be going back to Full Of Beans Cafe for another month of Stoak'd! Marc has suggested a theme of famous portraits- which has given the Stoak'd team plenty to think about.  After much deliberation, Marc is going with recycled magazines and newspaper to create his famous portraits. Sheldon- who helped Marc create the 6 by 3 ft piece for the National Gallery of Marc's beautiful wife's face- will make a cameo with a few pieces of his own. Kevin is taking pop art inspiration from a gentlemen back in Europe for his additions. For a sneak peak at some of the art to be displayed, be sure to check out the Stoak'd Facebook page.

The Cayman Pickers Silent Auction will be on the 23rd of October at George Town Yacht Club.  Cayman Pickers was started last year after Pam, Marc's wife, survived breast cancer. After the great support they received from the local Breast Cancer Foundation, they wanted to give back as much as they could and Cayman Pickers was born. This is an auction to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Cayman Islands. Local artists donate pieces and the full proceeds from the auction go directly to the local Breast Cancer Society. Check out Cayman Pickers  and help support this amazingly supportive group.

Come join us at Full Of Beans on the 6th of October at 5.30pm to see the new art produced by the Stoak'd team.




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