Stoak'd Cayman

Red Sky At Night 2018 February 17, 2018 13:00

New year, new art, new Red Sky at Night !!!

So we are back for the third time, one of the best markets and art festivals of the year is rolling around again.  Red Sky At Night is to be held on the 3rd of March 2018 (Saturday)  4pm till midnight.  

There are a few other events on top of Red Sky at Night which make up THE CAYFEST.

But enough about that, let's tell you what new stuff we are going to have at the Red Sky At Night Event.  So obviously we will have our amazing stall designed by us !!


I know, I know not exactly rocket science but we do make it look good, So after that, we have to get into the setting up of the merchandise.  Now, this part is very important, you have to put your best foot forward. 


Here was last years set up of the Stoak'd Red Sky At Night, must of the people that know us know we have funny tee's, fashion tee's, previous artwork, new artwork.  This year we are going to bring our Bamboo Sunglasses with us but we have upgraded and have not just got our great Skate V2 bamboo sunglasses, we have got three more designs to add to the Bamboo collection.  We leaned more towards the ladies this time so there are two designs for the Ladies and a new one added to the Mens. 

We will have the new designs available in the next couple of days and will be available for sale at Red Sky At Night.


Come check us out on Saturday 3rd of March from 4pm till Midnight.

Cayman T-shirts February 11, 2018 14:30

Cayman Island T-shirts in Cayman?   No Way !!!!!!!

I know a bit of a joke but, we talking about Stoak'd T-shirts in Cayman.  For the Last two years, Stoakd has been hitting Cayman with all its creativeness in the art scene. Plus we through in some other things like Bamboo Sunglasses, hats and obviously the one thing we going to discuss T-SHIRTS.

Some of the fans have seen some of the classics, 'Who you Daddy is', 'Eat More Iguanas' these being some of the classics that we brought out a few years ago.  Since then we have made new designs and kept the ball rolling.

 One of the great things that we have been able to keep up is single print shirts, which can be quite hard to find on Island, so with that in mind we decided to keep on with that for our customers and new ones that hear about it, over the last few years we have some great ones some examples of the Tee's designed for some of our customers here in Grand Cayman.

Maui Tee stoakdcayman    straight outta Cayman Stoakdcayman       


 You can find more designs at 

So come by and check out the designs that we have to offer at Stoak'd.






Getting to Know The Dots September 21, 2017 13:30

So recently have been hitting the Photoshop hard, which means Pintrest has been hit hard over the last few weeks.  Some of the cool things that I have been looking into are the ACTION style stuff.  These things are awesome, they give you the ability to cut down on work time and get amazing results.

The most recent that i had gained was the DOT action, this allows you to take any photo you might have and change it into a dot picture. There are a few settings that you can use, small and medium dots. Or go just with small or med, then you can have a two-tone color range of dots and then change to whatever color you wish. Here are some examples of work that we have done using this process.




Other than the fact that this is awesome, it comes with a great video to help you get started. Oh, one thing I forgot to add is that you can invert the colors with the dots so you get the whole picture full of dots with your image in place.  The look is great but still, gives off the minimal effect that creates a spectacular picture in the end.  

The process takes little time and to get grips with takes probably about half an hour before you can smash out picture after picture.  One thing we did realize is that some pictures just don't work with this action or there isn't enough contrast in the picture to show you what the picture really is.  But once you have done it a few times you will understand exactly what I mean and be creating great Dot pics.

Would like to add also that there is no limit on the settings either when it comes to choosing different colors or selecting different dots, it will keep you going for hours trying different variations of the action.


If you want to try out the Action then just CLICK HERE  at the bottom of the page you will find the video that will show you the process and give you an idea of a finished result 



Stoak'd Is Bambooed August 23, 2017 17:30

We Love The Bamboo!!!

So Stoak'd had been looking for some new items to add to their stock and after some searching, we came to one conclusion they had to be BAMBOO!!.  Well, they could have been anything really as long as they looked awesome, but lucky for us we managed to find some very cool Bamboo Watches to add to the stock to go with our Bamboo Sunglasses here in Cayman.  

The Watches come in all different sizes, colors and we have men's and ladies available.  But Don't get us wrong though, some of the men's sizes can easily be pulled off by the ladies. The Watches are hand crafted and made from sustainably harvested bamboo,  which makes them super light to wear and not bulky, though we do have those too!  


The above pictures are from the first set that we brought in, to our surprise flew out the door as fast as we got them, which for us was awesome to find out which meant getting more in.  The turn around is usually about 7-10 business days if the watch is not in stock at the time, which was great to get for us as we had a lot of people obviously wanting to get a Bamboo watch but like I said, the first day we put them up they were out the door. So with that in mind, if the watch you want is out of stock then just let us know as we can add it to the next order coming in.

Kevin, one of the artists at Stoak'd loved them so much he just had to have the first pick on them, which worked out pretty well as we got to see how well they would hold up to the day to day life of Kev working on boats. 

'The watch itself is awesome it's durable and pretty solid, I have banged it around a bit in the last month and its still going strong.  I would say that its life proof when it comes to the water resistant side of things and what I mean by that is I wouldn't go swimming with it on or take a bath with it, but it can definitely deal with the rain and so on.'


Some of the watches above are still available to buy, they are available at $50Ci each and come with free delivery to where ever you maybe in the Cayman Islands.  But as we said please contact us if you would like to pre order one so not to be disappointed.

Don't forget to check out the Bamboo Sunglasses that we have in stock. just visit us at our online store or contact us below 


You can find the watches on our Facebook page by clicking here.  Also, you can check them out on the online shop


Who Wants to Get Vectorized May 21, 2017 18:00

People this is the thing right now for families or solo portraits.  Everyone wants to do something fancy with the filters on their camera's and post it on their social media page. But we figured how about something that you can hang or even have as your next family Christmas card, why not go a bit different this year.

So how about getting VECTORIZED

'Well, what is it?' you say.  Well, just best I show you!

Footloose poster Drama Society Grand Cayman

Here is one we did for the Cayman Drama Society for their production of Footloose, but it doesn't stop there you can have ones done of particular famous icons.  Its, up to you. All you need is a decent image of what you would like vectorized, we will do our magic which will take a couple of days, then have it printed onto canvas or other media and there you go.

Monroe vector                

Wait a minute thought you said we could do family members, YES YOU CAN!!! I know we are amazing.  So grab a Family photo and send it over to us and say VECTORISE ME!!!.  

Here is one of our customers receiving her canvas with one of her family members.

So how much will it cost?

Well, that's the easy part. you just have to come to our facebook page and message us and will give you all the details. 

If you are only looking to get something that can be printed for Christmas cards we can do that too, just message us. You will be taken to our facebook page and message us there, don't forget to LIKE US if you haven't already. 

So get something different this year or just something to brighten up those walls in the house.

 instagram sotakd  

Email us @ for more details. 


Stoak'd Gets In At Artnest May 20, 2017 12:30

So we have our first retail spot that is selling a selection of our T-shirts that the Stoak'd team has put together.  It has been a long time coming and obviously hopefully in the future will get around to having our own studio to show off Stoak'd in all its greatness.

But for now, we would like to thank the girls and guys at the Artnest for giving us the opportunity to show off our designs. The Artnest is located in Pasadora Place in George Town. (Full Of Beans is in there too). They are open Mon-Thur between 10am-9pm Fri 10am-5pm Sat 6pm-10pm and Sun 10am-3pm.   There is plenty of time to come down and get one of our cool shirts.

At the moment we have a range of shirts and size to choose from.  There are some Stoak'd Hats available as well, with more to come in some different colors in the next few weeks. As you can see there is plenty of space for some more designed shirts so we are working towards that and getting some ladies shirts made as well.

Right now the shirts and hats are priced at only $15 KYD Each 

Remember if you are looking for a single design shirt here in Cayman then let us know at with your details.  Or you can go to our fan page Stoak'd  We do personalized one-off T-shirts for events, fun runs, birthdays wedding parties you name it we probably already did it so just give us a message.


But don't forget the Artnest has other goodies to browse through, a lot of local artwork and a small art materials selection for you to choose from.  The Artnest also offers classes and other events throughout the week for you to bring the family or loved ones. For more information on events, you can find them at 

Once again thank you to the Artnest for their support and to our customers that allow the Stoak'd team to carry on doing what we love to do.



Recycled Art Is Stoak'd April 02, 2017 14:30

Recycled Part II

So we're at it again, its been a year and a bit since the last big piece that we did.  If you didn't see our last recycled art project then you can see the picture below. (Showcased at the Cayman National Art Gallery 2015)  

This is a 6ft by 4ft framed art piece created by the Stoak'd team, ( Marc Laurenson, Sheldon Cambell).  This recycled art project consists of recycled coke cans and beer signs. The project took over two weeks and some precise planing on Marc Laurenson's part, due to making template pieces of the shapes to be ready for cutting with tin snips.  

The piece was showcased at the National Art Gallery in the Cayman Islands, which got some high praise and some nice offers, but this piece is now hanging up in Marc's Living room as a gift for his wife, Pam.  Which is quite fitting seeing as it was modeled after her.

To the Next Piece

So what have we got now, well... We were approached by the rep here for Heineken to do a piece of the same calibre.  Which of course we would love to do, as long as they supplied us with a few cases of Heineken to use, once we finished with them.(Thanks by the way, and to those that helped).  So after the party, i mean recycling team helpers, we had the materials to start our piece.  

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Beer cans
  • Beer signs
  • wood

Now we just needed to come up with the image for the piece, which didn't take to long to come up with seeing as we have such talented artists at Stoak'd, we were all set to go.  Once we built the frame and got our templates ready for the metal signs to cut out and marked off where it all needed to be placed, it was a breeze.  Below is a few shots of the fun we had putting it together


As you can see we had all the pieces all laid out ready to glue down, one note to make here is if you are going to do a project like this always mark on the back of the pieces a code that you will remember for later on, if the project is put on hold for some reason this will make life a lot easier when you come back to it.  

We would also recommend a good stack of heavy books when leaving the piece over night to dry, this will help the glue stick a lot better, then leaving the piece standing up. (Let Gravity do the work) The recycled Art Project for Heineken came together over a couple of nights and is ready to go.  The finished Piece will be shown at the Cayman National Gallery on the 22nd Of April for one week for the public. Which will then lead into the Big Auction event evening on the 4/6th of May (date to be determined)

The finished piece!!!!!

' Irresistible'


The Ladies Walk Away With It March 24, 2017 13:00

So the Poinciana Awards were a couple of weeks ago and we have been busy with the usual fun stuff, but now some free time to congratulate our ladies.

The reception was put together with champagne and appetizers which were delicious, the ladies got straight into the champagne as to be expected.  With the some light conversation with other like minded people and a few photo's on the red carpet we were called to our seats for the start of the awards.

The night itself was filled with great energy and entertainment through out. The show kicked off with film and animation followed by a live performance, then onto the first art categories, first up was the best media which Kevin Mounsor was nominated for his piece called 'Charlie'.  The competition was strong in this and Kevin was nipped at the post by a great piece (shown below)    

.              Kevin-Mounsor-Charlie

Brandon Saunders piece 'Osiris' has been at the National Gallery as part of an exhibition called the 'Upon the Seas & Saltwater in their veins'.

As the night progressed with minor technical difficulties, the presentations carried on in full flow. Next up was Marc Laurenson with his 'No Canvas' selection .  Up against Miss Janice Brown with her very creative silk scarf that took the win. Unfortunately I can't find a picture of Janice's work but it was a very creative piece         


Marc with his piece that was displayed at the Poinciana Awards, the piece is to raffled off this Saturday 25th of March for the Cayman Rugby club.Now to the finally the ladies were up next with two different Pam Laurenson for Monochromatic and Brittiany Slade for Typography.  As you know both ladies won there categories. Below are the pieces they submitted.  We would like to congratulate our ladies for winning this year at the Poinciana Awards of 2017.  Stoakd  would like to thank the organizers of the Poinciana Awards and the talent that enters to make it a great night .

For more information about stoakd visit us at or find us on facebook

Here you can see the two pieces Typography piece called 'Island Life' By Brittiany Slade and ' Attitude' by Pam Laurenson in the Monochromatic category.


We Are Stretching, Canvas that is! January 25, 2017 19:30

Having a piece of artwork that is on canvas, can look and feel right when it is hanged on the wall, and as they say 'it pulls a room together'. It has taken some time, for the Stoak'd team to finally master stretching canvas and getting the right tools for the job. But now we are doing it like the pro's.

Finally being able to stretch canvas for clients that have designs or photos they want or have printed, has enabled Stoak'd to keep the prices down for the customer.  So now if you've been browsing our website or seen our designs at the markets, and thought it was to expensive to get it printed and stretched then stop wondering.  

The team is able to stretch a range of various of sizes to give you the best scenery for your walls, all the artwork that you see on our website or even our social media pages can be printed on to canvas and stretched. Which reminds me don't forget to follow us on our Instagram or Facebook page. You can find the links below.

Prices range from $50 upwards, depending on size of the canvas you want, but like I said we can do a range of sizes for you to pick from. But don't forget you don't have to choose one of our designs we can also redesign a photo or piece that you may like, WE CAN DO THAT TOO!!

But wait it's not over yet, don't want canvas then we can do poster style, this would be the equivalent of what you would see at the cinema, when promoting movies, these are made on professional photo paper and then can be framed how you like. If this takes your fancy then just message us for a quote. 

If you have some plain walls that need decorating then why not message us at or even check our website .



Eco Chic Stoak'd January 19, 2017 14:30

So its no surprise that people get Stoak'd about well, Stoak'd. But we thought we would talk about someone else for once. So with out further a due, we give you Eco Chic Cayman, the lady behind this, Miss Laura Butz has combined her love of writing and environment together to create an informative view on some Eco friendly topics in Cayman. Some of the topics that are covered include fashion,crafts, eating and my personal favourite the ocean.


Laura Butz Editor and Chief of ECO CHIC CAYMAN

Laura covers many topics through her blog and gives you a glimpse into her traveling history, one of her topic's, Wanderlust, which is usually tilted 'The travel junkie's guide' to whatever country it might be. Which in turn sparked her creative flow into designing a few different Tee's, as you might have guessed we made for her and loved and has decided to design more to go along side her blog.



So ladies if you are looking for a stylish tee and want to support this local blog then look no further contact laura at Eco Chic Cayman . Shirts are pressed on comfort fit soft Tee's with black vinyl which never fades in the wash.  

T-shirts are $20 KYD each for enquires contact or browse her blog at  

Stoak'd Gets Hatted October 13, 2016 14:46

The Stoak'd team is always trying to find ways to keep a head of the curve, and increase their inventory to the store.  After the introduction into the sunglass market, it was time to add to the style of Stoak'd.  What better way to accompany those sunglasses then a way to keep your head in the shade.  Marc Laurenson the owner of Stoak'd, is a big fan of hats and it only seemed fitting that he should have his own.  

The hats are classic snapback baller hat with STOAKD  on the front of the hat, though simple the design was designed by the Stoak'd team. In the future the more designs of different hats will be on offer including different beak and back styles.  The hats arrived on Island a couple of weeks ago and have been selling away as they do, the introductory price is $25 CI to start the new line.   go ahead and contact us if you would like one delivered to you, or go to our website at




Stoak'D See's Clearly August 28, 2016 23:30

After the greatness that came from the Skate Bamboo line, the team decide to increase the line of different styles of Bamboo Sunglasses.  The new line has different styles with some new colored lenses. Some of the new Styles include Bamboo Lady, Bamboo MAsh Up and the New Bamboo Light. 

The Quality of these glasses have not gone down either, they all come with the classic Stoakd Bamboo case, spring arms to fit a range of heads with comfort, quality colored lenses which are polarized to give you that protection that is needed while still looking very stylish.  Whether you are out at the beach or even at your place of work these are the glasses for you, out and about with these stylish Bamboo glasses can be tailored to different outfits with different colored lenses.

With Stoak'd trying to keep their finger on the pulse of the sunglass world, the plan is to make the glasses shorter in width.  Over the past months, talking to some of the customers in Cayman on Stoak'd s Fan page, about these Cayman Sunglasses, is that the Skate line seemed a lot bigger on the face, and if they were slightly smaller in width they would take a pair.

The Answer Bamboo Light, after a discussion with the supplier the Stoak'd team was able to introduce them into the Stoak'd line of bamboo sunglasses.  Bamboo light is a great introduction to the line to make Bamboo Sunglasses available to everyone on the Cayman Islands.  The next step for the team is to design the ladies range, the big one that they want to cover is the 'PINK Ladies' collection this will be all styles they have to offer at with pink lenses.

It has been an brilliant couple of months introducing Stoak'd Bamboo Sunglasses to the Cayman Islands, which hopefully will keep increasing in popularity.  Thank you to all the customers that have already chosen to buy a pair.  

The Team at Stoak'd

Cayman Sunglasses Stoak'd Bamboo May 08, 2016 11:23

The New Cayman Sunglasses are in for 2016, during the Batabano Carnival we were in full CARN-I-VAL spirit rocking the shades.  The shades come in five different color lenses and are polarized.  They are made from bamboo and have spring loaded arms to fit comfortable.  One of the great features about the glasses is they float, so even if you are at the beach or boating and they drop off into the water you be able to find them.  Obviously being in the Cayman Islands sunglasses are a essential part of daily life, especially during that Carnival with all those bright colors.  So don't wait any longer and get your self to our online shop and order now.    Pam Laurenson Rocking the new Cayman Sunglasses by Stoakd.

Stoak'd Sunglasses Hit The Beaches May 06, 2016 16:18

Stoak'd At The Sandbar

So only after a few days Stoak'd has hit the sandbar, Mr James Snelgrove was out and about at stingray sandbar with his new Stoak'd Glasses.  This was the first pair of Stoak'd Sunglasses that we sold and we are super Stoak'd to see them out.  The sunglasses are Biodegradable Polarized UV Lens with 100% UVA/UVB, which makes them great for out on the beach or even better the boat.  They are made from bamboo which is very light weight and one of the great features except for being unbelievable cool, wait for it !!!  THEY FLOAT, thats right so if you do lose them over board they will be bobing on the surface.  The arms have spring hinges fro comfortable wearing on any size head.  The Glasses come in five different color lenses, blue, brown, black, yellow and red.  Though the best color is coming soon PINK.  Comes with bamboo carry case with logo, so what are you waiting for come visit us at and order now.

Stoak'd To Fresh Up The Skate Park May 06, 2016 11:56

So Stoak'd are going to be hitting up the skate park with a lick of paint, some of the skate park has been already painted by some kids that helped out with making a hop scotch and funky designs to brighten up the park.  The idea is to make it more than just a Skate park, making it more available to everyone.  There is a chess club and basketball hoops all adding to make it a very cool place for kids to hang out. Since the lights have been installed this has opened up whole new opportunity for the park, for the last few weekends the park has been fully booked with birthdays.  

Stoak'd will be spray painting and painting the park over the next few months with different designs, from iconic characters from the movies and the comic book world.  They also will be doing a Mural which has been designed by Marc Laurenson which will incorperate the Mountain Dew Logo, the new sponsor of the Skate Park.  Once the Mural is approved Marc and his wife Pam will be doning their over sized hats and creating the piece in a section of the Skate park for all to see.  

Stoak'd have also been revamping the old skateboards that you can rent at the Skate park 

Check out the new Stoak'd Sunglasses at


Stoak'd Hits Red Sky at Night Festival February 21, 2016 19:02

Saturday 27th February 2016 4pm till 12pm

So from what i can gather the event is a selection of many talent 's that the Cayman Islands has to offer.  There will be live performances, dancers actors and storytellers, along with music playing in the background from the fiddle all the way to the steel drums.  Which can only then wet the appetite for some of the best local food you can taste. But though that is all well a good nothing can be said for the likes of the Artists, that shall be show casing their artwork at the event which runs from 4pm till 12pm.  Yes,Yes i may be slightly biased but hey its my post, so come check out the local artisan's in the garden as you make your way to the Harquail theatre for other performances.  Come see Stoak'd on what else we have created and even check out the new t-shirt designs that we have to offer.  Stoked shall be running the a 2 for $30 deal on T-shirts so even if your design or size isn't in then , then place your order to be made and delivered.  Or even Better still order now and visit and place your order or even message us at

Poinciana Awards 2016 February 07, 2016 20:58

The Poinciana event has nearly comes to its close with only the People choice awards to go, this Thursday coming. The event Last week was a celebration for the Stoak'd Team but more so for the founder of Stoak'd, Mr Marc Laurenson & Mrs Pam Laurenson.  The event was held at the Harlequin center with artworks on show and a few performances to start the evening, as the event went on the call for the awards was on the cards to start early.  

The Event is a celebration of Cayman's best on what they have to offer, Art, Music, Television, Film and Writing. Some of the best were at the event, obviously Stoak'd but at the same time there were friends and contenders for Stoakd's particualr category .  Much too say but to keep this rather short, we came away with the Mixed Media category.  

The piece was a 6ft by 3to 4ft portrait of Marc's wife made from coke can's,  the time and energy put into this by Marc and Mr Sheldon Campbell to finish the piece for a showing at the National Gallery last year was to say a struggle but, hard work pays off in the end.  

So with that in mind thank you for those that have supported us all of last year and that the beginning of this year has kicked open a lot of doors for us to explore. 

To 2016 


Stoak'd Gets Invited To The Big One! January 01, 2016 22:07

Stoak'd is heading to the Cayman National Gallery


After the success of their first exhibition at the Full of Beans Café, the artists have been invited to show there new work at the National Gallery in the Cayman Islands.  The event is a collection of artists on the Cayman Islands with a slightly different style.  The event will be held on the 16th of July for three weeks. Lyle Anderton, the coordinator of this event, has gathered a selection of artists that will include Stoak'd, Kerwin Ebanks, Jason Kennedy, Chris Duty, Kaitlyn Elphinstone and Lyle Anderton. The idea behind this event is to showcase artists with unique techniques and subjects. The showcase is called An 'Autobiography in Vivid Colour'. 

Join the artist Kevin Mounsor from Stoak'd and others involved in this showcase of style art on the 16th of July at the Cayman Islands National Gallery.


Stoked will be at the Camana Bay Market in December December 14, 2015 09:31

The great response from customers during the early months of Stoak'd, the team has been working to create pieces that you can't live without.  To finish our first year strong, with the help of the Visual Arts Society, we will be at the Artisan Market at Camana Bay each week during the month of December.  
During all the end-of-the-year excitement Stoak'd was also featured on the front page of the Weekender news editorial with a great article about our first year, events, how we work together in our business and what is to come in the future.
Remember Christmas is a upon us, so if you would like a Stoak'd gift for under the tree this year then contact us now, or go to the website to order
Happy Holidays and we will see what 2016 will bring!

Personalize Your Phone Case September 24, 2015 17:10

Personalize Your Items 

Starting from $5 

To those of you that joined us at Full of Beans, thanks so much for showing your support and we hope everyone went home with our new stickers! After the great response, we decided we could personalize everyday items as well. 

Ask about our selection of colors to choose from when you want to personalize that iPhone case or laptop, you think it we can can cut it. The dream doesn't stop there- want something for the back window of the car or your kids skateboard? Let us know!  

We can personalized your phone case for as little as $5 WHAT!! Yes, $5. Send us a message through Facebook or email us at with the image you want. 


Returning to Full of Beans in October and Cayman Pickers Auction for Breast Cancer September 17, 2015 19:53

After our recent exhibition at the National Gallery, we will be going back to Full Of Beans Cafe for another month of Stoak'd! Marc has suggested a theme of famous portraits- which has given the Stoak'd team plenty to think about.  After much deliberation, Marc is going with recycled magazines and newspaper to create his famous portraits. Sheldon- who helped Marc create the 6 by 3 ft piece for the National Gallery of Marc's beautiful wife's face- will make a cameo with a few pieces of his own. Kevin is taking pop art inspiration from a gentlemen back in Europe for his additions. For a sneak peak at some of the art to be displayed, be sure to check out the Stoak'd Facebook page.

The Cayman Pickers Silent Auction will be on the 23rd of October at George Town Yacht Club.  Cayman Pickers was started last year after Pam, Marc's wife, survived breast cancer. After the great support they received from the local Breast Cancer Foundation, they wanted to give back as much as they could and Cayman Pickers was born. This is an auction to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Cayman Islands. Local artists donate pieces and the full proceeds from the auction go directly to the local Breast Cancer Society. Check out Cayman Pickers  and help support this amazingly supportive group.

Come join us at Full Of Beans on the 6th of October at 5.30pm to see the new art produced by the Stoak'd team.